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  Japan. Traveling from Brazil to Japan in 1990, I worked in companies and corporations, including Eiken, Mitzubishi and Mazda.. During a holiday in 1991, I traveled back to Brazil and married my girlfriend, and began living together in Japan, in Kurashiki city, and exploring Japan´s many islands by car, bus, boat and train. Japan, has many interesting sights to photograph, including animals, temples, forests, and waters, and also many things for foreigners "gaigins" to learn and to taste and to try. The photos show scenes in western Japan in the Okayama preifecture,, of the summer "Obon" festival, some residential construction, and the rice planting and the harvest. The Japanese take much pride in the products that they produce, the services they perform, and the crops that they grow. There are many varieties of rice planted, often named by the region, and it is sold at various prices, depending on your taste and budget....  

      photographs and text by John O'Heron © 2017

Obon Festival, Okayama-ken 1991


Students in English Class, Kurashiki 1991


Building Traditional House, Kurashiki, 1991

Pre-fabricated House foundation, 1991