Oman, borders the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and lies on the Gulf of Oman, at the entrance of the Persian Gulf. A producer of petroleum, natural gas, fish and dates, it's a scenic country to photograph, with its coasts, mountains and deserts, but also has green areas, if only for a few months, during the monsoons, in the south, near the border with Yemen. I visited Oman in 2000 and again to work in 2002. Muscat, the capital city, has remains of ancient Portuguese Forts, that once, guarded the harbors and coasts... ..

Photographs and text by John O'Heron  ©2017

Camel Track, Buraimi
Alzira Maria de Lima and Mutrah harbor.
Fishermen, Mutrah
Fishing Gear, Haramil  © 2017 USA