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Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2007   

  © 2017.  I was born in Marinette , Wisconsin, in March 1945, and I lived my first year, nearby, in Stephenson, Michigan, my mother's home town. In June of of that year, my father, John, "Jack", O'Heron, Msgt, Army Air Corps, travelled with the 21st Army Air Force Photo-Recon Squadron, to the China- Burma-India Theater, of WWll.  My mother, Carol Jean Bagley O'Heron, a nurse, and "Jack", were married in 1943 in Bakersfield, California, where my dad was stationed.   My parents reunited in 1946, in Chicago, and began a family of 4 children. We grew up in Itasca, Illinois, near O´Hare airport, in the western suburbs of Chicago, birthplace of both my father, and grandfather, John J. O'Heron.

In 1963, while I was finishing high school, the United States was sending many soldiers to the war in Vietnam. Young men, my age, had the choice to work, begin college, or face the military draft. I decided to enlist in the Air Force, like my father, 20 years, earlier. I was a mediocre student, in high school, although good in industrial arts, and photography. Somehow, I did well, in Air Force schools, and trained as a "crew chief", a general aircraft mechanic on jets, to take care of B-52 and KC-135 airplanes. During the last, 2 years, of my term, trained again as a technician, for autopilot and compass systems. In aviation, We learned responsibility, and, the necessity to do things exactly right, for importance of safety, for those in the air, and on the ground.

     Returning in 1967, I began to study, at the University of Illinois, Institute of Aviation, to obtain the FAA´s aircraft, mechanic's ratings, for civil aviation, and also, to learn to fly. Was fortunate,to have these skills and licenses, and experience from the military, which made it was easy to keep employed, and independent, and to afford to study, and to travel. My work in aviation continued, off and on, and in various different jobs, for Wien Alaska Airlines, Era Helicopters, Anchorage Helicopters, Rocky Mountain Helicopters, Aviation Language Schools, Flight Safety International, and other companies in almost a dozen states. I was involved in aviation until about 1998, where, at Miami International Airport, I last signed my name, for a flight release, in an aircraft log book.

The links below, show some my trail, in aviation, during the those years.

John O'Heron in Alaska

Aviation Resume  

References, Training, Certifications

    While working for Wien Alaska Airlines, I studied at the University of Alaska, with Dr Rudy Krejci, in Philosophy, then continued with graduate work, in the History and Philosophy of Science, at Indiana University, and the University of Paris, France.

     Upon my return from Europe, I enrolled in the Fine Arts department, at the University of Calgary, Canada, to study Photography. Graduating, in 1978, I began tor work professionally, as a photographer. This continues on today,as can be seen,here on these pages, with images, taken in a variety of countries.
























 Wedding Photography

 Theatrical Photography

Travel and Editorial Photography

Portrait, Actor, Model Photography

 Infrared 70mm Photography

Gallery Exhibition, Seattle

John O'Heron  photographing students, Seattle

In 1984, I traveled to South America, for 6 months, to take pictures in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru, and returned again, in 1986 and taught English, in Brazil. In Florida, I accepted a scholarship to pursue a Masters degree, in linguistics, at the University of South Florida, Tampa, and upon completing this, I became a teacher.

   From then,1988, until 2009, I taught English, at different colleges and universities abroad . These job contracts, led me, in and out of Americas, Europe, Asia, and to the Middle East.

Now, based, in Florida, I also live in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil, with my wife, Alzira.

John O'Heron at KFUPM University Graduation

 Teaching Resume

Academic References

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